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Your Ideal Hawaii Island Vacation

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Your Ideal Hawaii Island Vacation is a guide for visiting the Big Island.

This travel guide covers the amazing sites around the island easily accessible by a regular car. It has detailed maps, descriptions, driving directions, and photographs of over 150 unique places. The guide includes historical background material about the people and events that shaped Hawaii Island.

The guide showcases incredible beaches where Hawaiian royalty lived, coastlines where historic battles were fought, ancient temples, ranches where the Hawaiian cowboy culture was born, and historic towns built during Hawaiis sugar boom. Stories are told from early visitors such as William Ellis, who walked around the island in 1823, and Lucy Thurston, who lived in Kailua-Kona in the 1820s. The historical and cultural settings of each site is organized with descriptions to appeal to both seasoned and armchair travelers. The guide also showcases what is happening now at Kona coffee plantations, macadamia nut factories, and cattle ranches. The guide includes places near the resort complexes, unique island businesses, and recent lava flows.

In the chapter on "Driving Hawaii Island" tables with realistic driving times between major sites are included. The driving times take into account areas of low speed limits and traffic congestion. Information about Saddle Road and driving to the Onizuka Astronomy Center on Mauna Kea are included.

The guide has no ratings for hotels, restaurants, or tour companies. The authors believe that the most up to date customer reviews of restaurants and resorts are on the internet. They wanted to dedicated every page to unique places that are only on the island of Hawaii.

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Your Ideal Hawaii Move Book

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Your Ideal Hawaii Move is a guide for planning a move to Hawaii Island and getting set up and settled in on the island.

This book describes the choices you have when planning a move to Hawaii and how they later affect your cost of living and lifestyle in Hawaii. This book answers the most common questions people have about moving to the island including:

Where is the best to live on the island?

What should I bring to Hawaii?

What is the best way to ship my possessions to Hawaii?

Should I ship my car to Hawaii or buy one when I get there?

How do I bring my pet to Hawaii?

What services are there in Hawaii and how easy is it to set up utilities?

What choices do I have for medical insurance?

Should I get a Hawaii drivers license?

What kind of jobs are there in Hawaii?

What activities are there for kids and teens?

What type of stores and shopping are available?

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Your Ideal Hawaii Home Book

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Your Ideal Hawaii Home covers topics many people wish they had known before they bought their home or property in Hawaii.

This book describes how a house and its location can impact your quality of life in Hawaii. The home you build or buy can make your life in Hawaii paradise or misery. This book addresses the most common misunderstood aspects about living in Hawaii's tropical environment and the state's unusual property laws including:

Why cold climate houses are expensive to cool and upkeep in Hawaii’s tropical climate.

What Hawaii-style house features can minimize bugs and mold in a house and save on electricity.

How the islands' geography creates dramatic climate and rainfall differences within small distances.

Why maintaining a garden in a tropical environment can be an overwhelming and exhausting in a tropical climate.

How fast growing trees and bushes can cause major problems by blocking your home's cooling breezes and views.

How Hawaii's complex zoning laws limit your property use.

Why selecting the right neighborhood and neighbors are so important on a remote island.

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Your Ideal Hawaii Day Planner 2014

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Your Ideal Hawaii Day Planner is a personal planner to make goals, get organized, track daily calories, and monitor weight loss with Aloha.

The planner has monthly pverview calendars and two pages for each week with room to record daily events and track calories and weight. At the begining and end are pages to create goals and plans for the year. Each month has space for monthly goals and to record major events. Every week there is room to write down insights. Hawaii's holidays and special days are included on the calendar.

The day planner is published every November.

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About the Authors

Tyler and Chris Mercier moved to Hawaii Island to replace their fast-paced life in Silicon Valley with a laid-back life on a tropical island.  Since 2007, they have lived in Hilo, Kailua-Kona, and Kamuela on the Kohala Coast.  They have explored the island and experienced living in many types of homes, communities, and climate zones.

Their most recent book is a travel guide for Hawaii Island: Your Ideal Hawaii Island Vacation.

You can follow their blog about living on Hawaii Island at

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